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Out with the old, in with BETTER

In the midst of the pandemic, we are all trying to decide how to cope and occupy ourselves at home. Sheltering in place is not a "thing" that many of us ever heard of prior to this pandemic. With all the free time on our hands, what are the projects and goals that you are setting in place for yourself as well as your household members? I'd suggest that you start really small and gradually work your way into a big one. Over whelming yourself in a time where your emotions are already scattered could be unhealthy.

My husband and I decided to commit to smaller projects that allowed us to break the daily routine. We painted our living room. This was super simple, yet fun. Painting the living was broken into three parts: Planning, Prepping and Producing. The planning was simply us both searching ideas and themes then combining them in a shared album and deciding who won (It was me of course.) Prepping was a day trip, in matching masks, to Home Depot! We purchased our paint and supplies. Then finally, producing....... Yep it was the day that we had been waiting for, only to find out that we were no longer excited and it felt completely forced! I eventually got up one day after deciding to stop waiting on my husband and painted the accent wall. (I did pretty darn good too!) He followed my lead, the next day he had painted the remaining walls. It was an amazing feeling walking into our newly transformed space. Nothing like some new color and cleanliness to change your mood.

We had to commit to it and realize that we had NOTHING else to do! My advice, take this time to release something old and usher in something new. Whether it's cleaning your closet to make room for all the TJ Maxx and Marshall's sale items that you are going to get after the quarantine is over or painting your house, this is your time to refresh yourself. I hope you all are staying positive and hopeful. This is a time that we are all experiencing the same reality. There are rarely times that we all share the same trials. Race, gender, religion, financial class and demographics are typically a factor in any situation but COVID-19 has touched us all in some way.

Heaven Said...

Please be kind, be aware and be safe.

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