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Sisterhood: The Most Unrated GANG

Updated: May 19, 2020

What's up sistas! Personally, I consider myself "connected." Not like 'What set you claiming' or 'what colors you banging' BUT, I have a plethora of women in my life that are accessible. I have a woman to call on for every possible thing you can think of: Financial tips, makeup shades, men problems, spiritual enlightenment, recipe enhancements, Shade Room TEA, pregnancy scares and THE LIST GOES ON AND ON....... believe me!

These women define sisterhood. I'm here to challenge what you really believe a sisterhood is. A lot of women and men believe that sisterhood is the group of women that you are the closest to, your intimate circle, NAH SUH, it's bigger than that. Sisterhood is the collection of women that you love, trust and learn from. Now, we have all learned some lessons from some women who we most likely don't fool with BUT the lesson stuck to our asses like cotton draws. The women that teach us to fight, challenge and speak up are the warriors. The women who teach us how to love, forgive and move on are the healers. The women who teach us how to hustle, finesse and provide are the guidance counselors. The women that teach us how to cook, clean, and nourish are the mama bears. The women who teach us how to invest, save and STASH are the boss b*****s. The women that teach us how to be spiritually aligned, mentally stable and graceful are the priestesses. No matter what your circle looks like, you will find a value out of each woman in your life, even if it's the woman that teaches you what toxic traits looks like. Sisterhood is the most sacred gift SISTA GOD gave us.

Sisterhood is the most influential group that society overlooks. The power that is conjured between women, UNKNOWINGLY, is amazing in it's own right. I truly believe that even the men can benefit from sisterhood. Being in the graces of a sisterhood can not only save a man's life but better it. (inserts: Beyonce UPGRADE YOU bop) I personally have so much to credit my sisterhood for. I have called upon my sisterhood for marriage counseling, grief therapy, financial literacy and petty retreats. They have saved me. They have restored me. They have sown into me. They have healed me. They have nurtured me. They have scolded me. They have taught me. They have held me accountable. They have stood with me. They have definitely challenged me. Yet most of all, they have shown me loyalty, trust and love.

I understand that there are plenty of women out there that are looking for sisterhood and thinking they are missing out because they don't have one.... Well in order to be in a true sisterhood, you have to be vulnerable and open for all that comes with it. You have to be able to be honest without fear. You have to be able to listen and digest the truth even when it hurts. You have to be accountable for yourself. You have to be ready. A real sisterhood means that you are going to hurt when your sister hurts. Your are going to be happy when your sister wins. You are going to share without fears of judgment. You are going to pray for their protection just as your kids and spouse. Being in a sisterhood is like pledging to Black Girl Magic!

Women create magic. Women provide magic. We are just a bunch of magical ass magicians waiting to spread love and truth. I think you should get you some. What kind of sister are you? Maybe you wear multiple hats, I was raised by a warrior and healer.... interesting huh!!? Again, there's that magic.. Sisterhood is the pot luck that you didn't know you needed until you sat at the table. I hope your plate is full and if not..... I'd suggest you figure out what dish you're bringing and get in on the next one!

To all my sisters out there making this world a little better, THANK YOU, KEEP BEING YOU SISTER GIRL!

Heaven Said.....

Get you a sisterhood that's gone give you what you need.

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